jeffrey michael heer

Associate Professor
Computer Science & Engineering
University of Washington

Human-Computer Interaction
& Visualization Groups

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Seattle, WA 98195-2350
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Winter 2013
CS247 Interaction Design Studio
CS547 HCI Seminar
STS1 Public Life of Science & Tech.
Fall 2012
CS448b Data Visualization

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Collaborative Visualization

Social data analysis using interactive visualizations on the web.

Generalized Selection

Enhanced selection and annotation
in graphical interfaces.

Scented Widgets

Visualizations embedded in interface
widgets to aid navigation.

Animation in Data Graphics

Using animation to improve perception
of transitions in data graphics.

Multi-Scale Banking to 45°

Perceptual optimization of the aspect
ratios of data graphics.

Ubiquitous Computing

Distributed systems and evaluation tools
for pervasive computing.

Vizster: Visualizing Social Networks

Visual exploration of networks such as Friendster, Facebook, and MySpace.

Exploring Enron

Visual analysis of e-mail traffic inside
the Enron corporation.

Active Capture

Automatic direction for automatic movies.


Psychology research in cross-sensory perception.

All Together Now

Privacy-preserving visualization of
localized activity.

Seam-Aware Wideband Displays

Toolkit support to handle seams
between multiple monitors.

Degree-of-Interest Trees

Dynamic, space-constrained visualization
of hierarchies.

TimeTrees: Time Changing Hierarchies

Coupling trees and timelines to explore evolving organizations.

LumberJack: Clustering Web Sessions

Understanding web usage by clustering session profiles.

WebQuilt: Remote Web Usability

Web usage logging and visualization
for remote usability tests.