Introducing Script Export

Some of you may have noticed a new feature: you can now export your transformation script as code! Script export is a useful option for handling large data sets: first transform a sample of your data in the Wrangler interface, then run the resulting script on the full data set.

Wrangler currently supports output scripts in two languages: Python (for data-crunching on the back end) and JavaScript (should you want to transform in the browser, or using node.js). To run either, you'll also need to download the corresponding Wrangler runtime. Though your mileage may vary, we've been able to quickly wrangle files with millions of rows using exported scripts.

To run exported Python code, install the Wrangler runtime via easy_install datawrangler or download it here.

To run exported JavaScript, download the JS runtime here.

Happy Wrangling!
The Wrangler Team

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